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Send/Receive voicemail as text message!

Feature Comparison

DictoMail Voicemail

1  - caller dials your personal toll-free DictoMail number



2  - caller leaves voicemail without operator-assist



3  - voicemail is converted to text message



4  - alerts when message is broadcast to device as text



5  - you are alerted by alpha device (email, pager, cell)



6  - you dial in to hear caller's intonational message or



7  - you read thru text messages on alpha device



9  - you can file, review, archive, sort messages



10 - you can search text messages by content



11 - browse text messages faster than listening to recording



12 - you can read messages during meetings



13 - you can receive messages on your alphapager



14 - you can receive messages on your smartphone or pda



15 - you can receive and save text messages on your cellphone



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READ VOICEMAIL - convert voicemail to text for your desktop and cellphone

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